4DPower Tech. Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter 4DPower) is a high-tech company located in Zhongguancun high-tech Development Zone, Beijing. 4DPower consists of R&D Dept., Technology Dept., Engineering Dept., Marketing Dept., and Technical and Advisory Committee with national senior experts and scholars.



  4DPower has been sticking the road of independent innovation, and dedicating into R& D of new technology and product of steam turbine and related products. 4DPower works with famous domestic and international leading steam turbine enterprises and renowned universities to accelerate hi-tech industrialization. In 2004, 4DPower proposed a new generation of advanced steam turbine design system and supporting technology with fully independent intellectual property rights and international advanced level, through which the steam turbine efficiency can be improved by 5%-8%, steam turbine output can be increased by 10%, and the reliability of steam turbine is remarkably enhanced.



  As a leading power solution supplier, 4DPower has always put high value on customer satisfaction. Adopting strict project management policy, experts are appointed as project managers to supervise every stage of the project. All-round one-stop service including design, manufacturing, sourcing, installation, after-sale service would be provided in order to insure smooth implementation of all the projects. In January 2006, 4DPower awarded ISO9001: 2000 certification because of its excellent technology, products and services. Currently, main products of 4DPower are power plant steam turbine, industrial steam turbine, condenser and new material heat exchanger, and Energy Performance Contracting.


  Power Plant Steam Turbine: 4DPower is capable of designing hundreds types of impulse and reaction steam turbine up to 600MW, including condensing, back pressure, extraction, wet cooled and air-cooled. Quick customized design according to customer’s special need can be done for thermal power, combined cycle, industrial/civil steam extraction, industrial waste-heat utilization, and biomass and garbage power generation Since 2004, for existing steam turbine renovation and modernization, 4DPower has accomplished up to 600MW supercritical and more than 30 models of steam turbines supplied by different OEMs. In summary, for new steam turbine supply and for renovation and modernization of existing turbine units, 4DPower has implement and contracted more than 1500 steam turbine units, with a total capacity of 100 million KW.


  Industrial Steam Turbine: Adopting the development model of technology transferring-digesting and absorbing-Re-innovating, 4DPower worked with its strategic partner Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. to import the technology of industrial steam turbine from GE of USA. Combined with the new design technology of 4DPower, industrial steam turbine products and services with high efficiency and reliability and subject to API612 standard are supplied to drive pump, blower, compressor and other driven machines in the field of power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry etc.


  Condenser and New Material Heat Exchanger: Working with Taiyuan Iron and Steel (group) Co., Ltd, Tsinghua University, Harbin Turbine Auxiliary Company, Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. and some other famous enterprises and universities, the research and development of new piping materials, high efficiency and reliability heat exchangers, and optimization design technology of heat exchangers have been done. 4DPower is able to provide our customers with economical, efficient, safe and reliable products and technical services on condensers and heat exchangers.


  New Energy Resources Development and Energy Performance Contracting4DPower started new energy resource development and energy performance contracting business from 2010. A 15MW biomass power plant in Sri Lanka was invested and built by 4DPower, and the official commercial operation of that power plant has started by the end of 2018.

Introduction of 4DPower